Elli Earring

From: USD $70 From: USD $49

Silver Sterling 925
Gold Plated with Yellow Gold (18 kt)
Full length: ~ 2.5 cm
Coming as a single earring per piece

This piece is dedicated to two friends Ella and Eli. “Elli” is a mix between the two names. Both ladies came into my life only recently and have already contributed to some important steps of my growth. This earring was designed with a lock that is elegant and firm, meant to hold in any situation. Like this earring, Eli is dedication and sticks to her commitments. She made it her life mission to help and rescue Bali dogs which she did successfully for many years now. 

Ella and the earring have both this beautiful presence that one notices. Ella is a woman who is open-minded and listens without judgment. Ella is pure kindness which she combines with a determined personality.