Ana Crystal Earring

USD $75 USD $53

Silver Sterling 925
Clear quartz crystal
Full length: ~ 3 cm
Coming as a single earring per piece

The Ana is a unique earring decorated with a clear quartz crystal. This piece was inspired by my good friend Anais who is an outstanding longboarder, a creative mind and a passionate sound healer. We spend hours drinking coffee and talking about the world. Her words are always comforting and encouraging. Anais organises longboard and healing retreats fuelled by her ambition to help and bring people together.
Anais has a great passion for crystals and together we imagined this unique earring that evokes the powerful and pure energy of Bali, island of gods.

The crystals have stories and intentions, they carry deep knowledge and powers. May this earring bring you clarity on your journey of life and the ability to follow your dreams with confidence!

We are so excited for this new powerful piece imagined within our souls.